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LOTUSWEI is a wellness company that specializes in flower essences, offering a range of products designed to enhance emotional and physical well-being through the natural healing properties of flowers.


We live in an era of unbelievable stress, disruption, and static.

Most of us are multi-tasking, jamming our schedules, and spending 9+ years of our lives parked in front of the TV. Over a third of us have trouble sleeping, every single night.

Even worse, Wifi signals + cell phone towers are sending unprecedented levels of electro-magnetic activity coursing through our bodies, every minute. We can't see it. But it's there — and it's making us sick, sad, and exhausted.

At LOTUSWEI, we’re here to invite thousands — and eventually millions + billions — of people to take action, by working with flower elixirs.

We want to make flower elixirs as widely understood + accepted as yoga, tai chi and meditation — with a flower elixir cabinet in every home and in every office.

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