Rogershood Apothecary Wellness Event

Trifecta Light 

Wellness Event

Illuminate your wellness at the Cohn Health Institute with one of the new and extremely popular therapeutic technologies for powerful recovery, enhanced athletic performance, energy production, aesthetics and much more.

Mark your calendar for June 25th to explore the revolutionary technology of red light therapy with Dr. Carl Rothschild, Owner and CEO of Trifecta Light. Discover its numerous benefits, from anti-aging to promoting whole-body healing. Learn how red light has become one of the safest, non-invasive, and effective therapeutic options available today.

Registration & Details

Join us for our wellness event and open discussion with Dr. Howard Cohn and the Owner and CEO of Trifecta Light Technologies, Inc., Dr. Carl Rothschild.

Date: Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Time: 6:30 pm PST

Location: Cohn Health Institute, 3151 Airway, U-3, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Contact: 714-754-8008

This event has ended. Please stay tuned for future BioStacking Summit event updates!