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Dr. Jenn Simmons is an integrative oncologist, breast surgeon, author, podcast host, and the founder of perfeQTion imaging.

Dr. Jenn Simmons MD

Founder, RealHealthMD

BioStacking 2.0 Interview Available Saturday, Sept 14th

Jenn Simmons, MD spent the first 17 years of her career as Philadelphia's premier breast surgeon. After attending Jefferson Medical College and completing a general surgery residency at Albany Med, she was selected for Philadelphia's first breast disease fellowship. During her time as a breast surgeon, she served as Chief of her department at Einstein Medical Center. She was also the medical director of the Cancer Program. Her own experience as a patient in 2017 led her to discover functional medicine.

She received her functional medicine certification from the Institute For Functional Medicine in 2019. So enthralled with promoting health rather than managing symptoms, she lef t her esteemed position in 2019 and started Real Health MD, a functional medicine oasis for anyone on a breast cancer journey who is looking to take charge and reclaim their health. Dr. Jenn is on a mission to help millions of women restore their health following a breast cancer diagnosis so that they may live in their best health for as long as possible.

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28 May 2024, 02:50 PM
Jenn Simmons

Dr. Jenn Simmons BioStacking 2.0 Interview

14 September 2024, 02:00 PM
Jenn Simmons