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20th Apr - 20th Sep 2024

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Our Speakers Have Been Featured On

BioStacking Summit 2.0 Speaker Jaimeé Arroyo FNP-BC

Jaimeé Arroyo FNP-BC

Hopewell Family Care

BioStacking Summit 2.0 Speaker Dr. Daryl Gioffre DC

Dr. Daryl Gioffre DC


BioStacking Summit 2.0 Speaker Dr. Noah Moos DC

Dr. Noah Moos DC

Health Plus Austin

BioStacking Summit 2.0 Speaker Dr. Jenn Simmons MD

Dr. Jenn Simmons MD


May Bonus Speaker Dr. Paul Ling Tai

Dr. Paul Ling Tai


BioStacking Summit 1.0 Speaker Dr. Charlie Fagenholz DC

Dr. Charlie Fagenholz DC

In the Trenches

BioStacking Summit 1.0 Speaker Dr. Steve Gangemi DC

Dr. Steve Gangemi DC

Systems Health Care

BioStacking Summit 1.0 Speaker Dr. Vivian Malnikof DC

Dr. Vivian Malnikof DC

BioStacking Summit 1.0 Speaker Dr. Kelly Miller NMD

Dr. Kelly Miller NMD

Saving Your Brain

BioStacking Summit 1.0 Speaker Dr. Chris Motley DC

Dr. Chris Motley DC

BioStacking Summit 1.0 Speaker Dr. Calvin Ng DC

Dr. Calvin Ng DC

Cohn Health Institute

BioStacking Summit 1.0 Speaker Dr. Jess Peatross MD

Dr. Jess Peatross MD

Wellness Plus

BioStacking Summit 1.0 Speaker Dr. Patrick Porter PHD

Dr. Patrick Porter PHD


BioStacking Summit 1.0 Speaker Dr. Katinka van der Merwe DC

Dr. Katinka van der Merwe DC

Spero Clinic

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What is BioStacking?

BioStacking is a holistic health and wellness concept that involves the strategic combination of various therapies, treatments, and programs to achieve more rapid and potent results.

By integrating and optimizing these sensory inputs, biostacking aims to accelerate the body's natural healing processes, promote overall wellness, and address a range of health challenges more effectively. 

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  • "Such great information. Thank you Dr. Cohn! Incredible sessions."

    Judy Stallcop
    Judy Stallcop

    Co-Owner at Innovative Interiors, Inc

  • "WOW!! So informative, looking forward to getting more education!"

    Carrie Alcoser
    Carrie Alcoser

    Business Development Specialist

  • "Loved everything about this summit. Incredible speakers."

    Paula Logan
    Paula Logan

    BioStacking VIP

  • I am only 10 minutes in but, wow this is so amazing so far and empowering. I love it.

    Gina Allen
    Gina Allen

    BioStacking VIP

  • Wow that was awesome, I learned so much and understood clearly. Thank you.

    Sandy Van Ausdeln
    Sandy Van Ausdeln

    VIP Member

  • 'Wow, I learned so much!!!! Migraine info is amazing!'

    Theresa Gloria Palma
    Theresa Gloria Palma

    VIP Member

  • Just watched the Bonus Reel. So dang cool! I can’t wait to try it!


    VIP Member

  • I am currently taking a few of Vervita products.What I can say is for myself the products that I am taking have been so helpful and healing.

    Brenda Sifuentes
    Brenda Sifuentes

    VIP Member

  • Oh my. This was so interesting. We will be joining the club. Thank you all for this amazing summit . Boggles the mind for sure but I am really enjoying it Amen

    Jolaine Johnson
    Jolaine Johnson

    BioStacking Member

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