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BodyChargers.com is America's-only provider of micro bioresonance devices that promotes and supports health & wellness 24/7, at-home — in your pocket.


BodyChargers.com offers micro bioresonance devices that promote and support your body's health and wellness. Our devices are invented and patented by a company named Deta-Elis. They've been pioneers in the bioresonance space for the past 30+ years.

Dr. Chris Cormier, D.C. is a world authority in biophysics healthcare for the past 25+ years.

He has been on a mission to help people 24/7 worldwide even without coming to his clinic - The Nerve Health Institute.

In the process of search and discovery for this mission he was fortunate enough in August of 2023 to find a company that he aligned with this mission.

BodyChargers.com was born with the sole mission to provide health and wellness to North America.

We believe biophysics, both at home and in-clinic - is the future of healthcare.

Featured Products:

What if it were possible to get limitless energy with a press of a button... right from your pocket?

  • Devita Energy 11:

The Energy 11 BodyChargers device is the first micro bioresonance device that is pocket sized, wireless. It provides 11 different programs for limitless energy 24/7. It has settings for an immediate energy boost or longer lasting energy.

  • DeVita AP:

The AP is designed to restore energy to detoxification & immune system cells for help with microbes.

  • DeVita RITM:

The RITM is designed to restore energy to weakened cells in organs and systems.

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