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Revitalize your overall wellness through better brain fitness. Activate your brain’s peak potential and tap into different neural pathways for a better and more balanced outlook in life, with one, simple touch.


Embark on an enlightening voyage with us into the realm of BrainTap, a journey that originated from Dr. Patrick Porter’s profound passion for neuropsychology. His groundbreaking research debunked the long-held belief that our brains are immutable, and his pioneering work in neuroplasticity has revolutionized countless lives.

Inspired by the remarkable transformations experienced by thousands, Dr. Porter recognized the potential of emerging Apple® and Android® mobile devices in 2014. Seizing this opportunity, he founded BrainTap, a cutting-edge brain fitness company, to harness the power of these innovative mobile app platforms and impact millions of lives worldwide.

Join our mission ‘To Better a Billion Brains’ and forge a future with enriched, optimized minds through the extraordinary power of BrainTap. A world where you: Think Better. Sleep Better. Perform Better.

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