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Beautiful 100% grass-fed Wagyu, free range Elk and Venison delivered direct to your door.

First Light Farms

Back in 2003, when we were thinking about this revolutionary new meat company that was going to take the world by storm, we referred to it as Pipeline. None of us had been to Hawaii, we called it Pipeline because our idea was to connect the people who make the product with the people who eat it, transparently and directly.

All our animals are 100% grass-fed on free-range pastures, as nature intended. The ingredients on the packet are fresh water, clean air, and sunshine. It is almost an unfair advantage having New Zealand as our farm, but the best grass in the world isn’t enough to stake our claim to having the best grass-fed meat in the world. Everything we do is focused around producing meat that is tasty, tender and juicy every time. We cannot give you the formula, suffice to say it includes special genetics, New Zealand’s best farmers, stress-free animals, and a supply chain managed by people who understand and value the perfect steak.

Our Values

  • Integrity and humility
  • Respect our animals and environment
  • Innovation
  • Profitable and sustainable returns for all
  • Be happy

We didn’t have to think very hard to come up with our values; we wrote them down on a piece of paper on day one and they remain the foundations of First Light today. We act with integrity and humility in everything we do, we pride ourselves on being innovators and creators, our animals are raised with respect for the animal and the environment, our commercial driver is profitable and sustainable returns for everyone in the First Light value chain, and success is defined as a rewarding and happy life. 

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