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VerVita is a company specializing in high-quality nutritional supplements, essential oils, and skincare products designed to support overall health and wellness by balancing and nourishing the body.


Nutritional Supplements

Our supplements begin with high-quality raw ingredients and are specially formulated to support the body as a whole – nourishing and balancing the energy flowing through every structure, organ, gland and cell.

The healing power of VerVita nutrition is in the synergistic effect of combining quality raw materials into one formula. One nutritional element on its own does not provide this.

Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to heal the sick, enhance natural beauty and promote well-being. VerVita's essential oil blends are made from therapeutic-grade essential oils and are specifically formulated to balance the body and bring it back to homeostasis so the body can heal itself.

Skin Care

The skin is the largest organ of the body. Every day it fights a battle against environmental chemicals and toxins and is affected by internal toxins caused by viruses, bacteria, mold and more. An unhealthy body, deficient in vitamins and minerals, will steal from the skin, hair and nails to survive, leaving your hair and skin dull and lifeless.  

Nourish your body with VerVita products for healthy skin and hair.

Contact Reflex Analysis

About CRA

The traditional CRA method uses the muscle testing technique to assess and locate dis-ease—imbalances in subtle energies of your body. The gentle, but firm push is like a question while the muscle reactivity response indicates the answer. A subtle shift in energy always indicates when an area of imbalance has been found.

Doctors who use Contact Reflex Analysis® are often referred the most challenging patients as others have given up. CRA helps these doctors streamline their practice as they integrate all their knowledge, expertise, tools, techniques, products and more into one system. They can get to the root cause, determine priority, and quickly create a protocol that does the right thing at the right time for optimal patient results. With CRA the body always reveals the next action step needed so healing can occur.

Energy Flows Through Every Cell In Your Body

When trying to understand how CRA works, it is sometimes helpful to compare the energy of your body with electricity in a house. We do not typically think about what is going on with our home unless something goes wrong. If there is an outage for a period, we are without heat or air conditioning and food may start spoiling in the fridge while electronics can no longer be charged.   

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